Design and decoration of a modern Classic Greek  Architecture ( detail of the crown in the  facade), Greece, 2002.

*The Greek Empire of Trebizond became a Byzantine Greek successor state established after the Fall of Byzantium the Eastern Roman Empire.


   Design of the church's narthex ,bellfry, and interior and exterior decoration during the renovation

of the Church Saint Evgenios Trapezountios in Hortokopi, Makedonia, Greece .  

 Design & decoration of the miniature Chapel of the Holy Angels "Bodiless Powers" in Byzantine style (cruciform type) with narτhex, Greece.

Other artistic expression activities :  Architectural Designs . Exterior and Interior Design and Decoration...

  ​​Domna Papadopoulou is a "Byzantine" Greek Iconographer. She works  and resides today in Toronto Canada. She is descent from Pontic Greek  Orthodox hieratical family originated from  Trebizond *(Τραπεζούντα) Pondus, Minor Asia current date Trabzon Turkey. She born and grew up in the region of Paggaio-Kavala, Macedonia in Northern Greece. Has Nursing studies but from 1989 for 15 years was the main  Radio producer and speaker of their family non for profit Radio -TV Station mainly with Orthodox and Cultural content .  Initially was self taught iconographer spending many years of personal study in Theology and Byzantine iconography.

Has been engaged  in Byzantine Art from 1989 and she adheres to strict Byzantine prototypes in study assimilating this analysis into her iconography rendering a modern Byzantine rendition of the icon with exceptional beauty and personal artistic style.

Domna has the paternal blessings and recognition for her  science of Holy Orthodox iconography and restoration of icons of the Metropolitan Chrisostomos  which is the Bishop of the Holy Orthodox Metropolis of Eleftheroupoli, Paggaiou , Greece and in Canada the blessings from his Eminence Metropolitan Sotirios of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of  Toronto and exarch of all Canada .

Her work, portable icons and murals adorns Churches, Monasteries, and private collections. She also has experience and has restored many portable old icons in the region of Kavala and Drama in Greece.

She took part in group exhibitions in Greece, in Canada and abroad.   

Byzantine Pontic Greek Iconographer