O Άγιος Χριστιανός το νήπιον. / Saint Christian the infant.

Saint Christian was an infant which his martyrdom was  together with the infant Kiriakos  and with 11.2018 martyrs during the Roman emperor Marcus Avrelious Antoninus II (Elagabalus) persecution of Christians (  218-222).

​Number: 01

​Name:O Άγιος Χριστιανός το νήπιον.​/Saint Christian the infant (rare icon).

Medium: Traditional painting technique with egg tempera. Gold leaf on prepared canvas attached to wood panel. The halo has designs on the gold surface and 6 stones.

Dimensions (cm or inches):20 x 25 cm, 10" x 8" inches.

Details: On the back side is attached a hand-written  paper with the biography of the Saint. Also has a design with a Cross. 

Feast day: 24 May

Price:Please inquire for a price.


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Domna Papadopoulou

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