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Saint John the Forerunner "the Angel of the desert" Holy Byzantine Greek contemporary icon. Saint John is a culmination and the crown of the Prophets the last and  glorious ascetic Prophet of the Old Testament, the Baptist and the Forerunner of Christ ,a Messenger, an earthly Angel and a heavenly man  and according to Christ " among those born of women there is no one greater than John ." The Orthodox Church has many feasts in his name but his mainly feast is after the Epiphany the 7th of January.

" Deesis " Byzantine  Greek  contemporary icon. 

``Δέηση"  Βυζαντινή  Ελληνική  σύγχρονη  εικόνα

Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto, Canada.

 We shall not deny you, beloved Orthodoxy

nor shall we lie to you, time-honored reverence,

We were born in you, we live in you,

and we shall die in you. And if time shall call us

we shall sacrifice a thousand time our lives for you!

             Monk Joseph Vrienios

Spiritual Father of St. Mark of Ephesus, +1435 

The icons have their own language and speak in silence, we just have to gaze at an icon till the icon which is a guiding image reveals to us its spiritual power and enrich  our life with the real meaning  .

  The Holy Art of Iconography is my soul deposition, Theology, belief, communion and according to the Holy fathers  Byzantine iconography

is a revelation of the Holy Spirit in the world!  It is the mirror that reflects the power of Christianity and Orthodoxy and is the miracle exactly there ... where real faith still stands.      

Welcome to my website ! Here you can learn how great , mysterious, symbolic and powerful  is the Holy Art of

Byzantine Iconography and also I want to show you

some of my icons!

 I  have found a special way to express myself and I

ampassionate depicting  icons using strict Byzantine prototypes in study assimilating this analysis into my

iconography rendering a modern Byzantine rendition 

of the icon with exceptional beauty and personal artistic style.

 I believe that  my  iconography  is  a gift and for

reason my icons  should  have a soul and be alive  a

 kind of  messenger between Heaven and Earth.  A

dynamic spiritual masterpiece  and a window to 

Eternity that makes the observers visually praying.

 I invite you to another world ! Where the Byzantine

icon's shining beauty and deeper meaning may inspire

you ! Come with me...